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  • 2014_2015 Presidents Report

    2014_2015 Presidents Report

    October 19th, 2015 | News | Lisa Biffin | Comments Off on 2014_2015 Presidents Report

    Presidents Report – 2014/2015   AE has continued with the positive trend of increased membership for the 3rd successive year in a row. Our membership has now eclipsed the 100 mark, this strongly indicates that our collective efforts have influenced new members to join and is the preferred choice for existing members.   We will […]

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  • 2013_2014 Presidents Report

    2013_2014 Presidents Report

    October 27th, 2014 | News | Lisa Biffin | Comments Off on 2013_2014 Presidents Report

    Our membership was up by approx 9% and at 91 is getting close the 100 mark. The female section has grown again being actively competitive in the winter premiership with our great rivals Sydney Uni. The collective aim was to go one better this year and top the premiership. It was a titanic battle with […]

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