Sydney 10 Results 2017

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    10km road champs – 6th May 2017, Homebush

    It’s all about the ingredients Dan “Masterchef” Hogg illuminated the day.
    You may have the ingredients and can cook however it can take more than a few trials before
    you perfect the cooking process.
    Today was a day for immunity pins and white aprons meaning great efforts from all.
    Start with ‘fresh’ ingredients, work to a smooth mix, discipline with cooking time then create a
    good looking plate to finish.
    Godwin Mugarula headed up the team with a pb performance for distance closely followed by
    James Costello, inspired by finding his world age ranking for a mile, with a course pb.
    Michael Mangli-Vincent took more seconds off yet another pb. Mr ANSW, James Constantine,
    ran controlled and finished with a great negative split.
    Dan “Masterchef” Hogg put in a performance to help the team having come down with a tummy
    bug in the couple of days prior to the event. Campbell Dawson showed he is back in consistent
    training running into 3rd place in his age group. Antoine Burbaud showed that he is coming to
    grips with the distance with another pb . Martin Cosby set himself up well and was delighted
    with his finishing time. Martin has run in this event 3 times previously and has run – 38.30 in
    2012, 38.34 in 2016 and 38.32 this year, amazing consistency.
    Rebecca Holmes went into this event a little under done on distance but controlled the first lap
    brilliantly to record a rare negative split.
    Mark Gregory went on pace maker duties for the females.
    Naomi “now that’s what I am talking about” Tancred not just nailed her pb to the wall but
    knocked the building down.
    Jennifer, Jo, Jess, Kylie, Cindy, Robyn, Andrew and Harry all ran for the first time in this event.
    A massive distance PB for Harry coming down from 45+ mins to run in the 42 mins.

    An incredible 10km debut for Robyn never having raced the distance before, controlling the effort to
    record a fantastic negative split.
    Rona, Steph, Gill, Jackie & Jude completed the team turnout for the 10km.
    Sally, Veronica and Nicole flew the flag for AE in the 5km event.

    Sydney 10 2017 Results

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