State 10km Road Race Champs Results 2016

  • Dan 10km Road Race 2016


    ANSW 10km Road Champs – 7th May 2016

    The smell of burning wood smoke from the hazard reduction burning was
    literally replaced by the smell of scorching racing flats – the AE
    crew were on fire reducing PB s to ashes. It was a remarkable morning
    with awesome performances. New and old members were seen doing donut
    burns after blazing through the finish line.
    Carbs were mostly of a twin nature and not nutritional, the pit crew
    of Ris and Robyn were stretched to the max although always in control
    with slick actions getting team onto the start line and managing race
    stats and results.

    This followed on superbly from the great Novice champs performances,
    all were revved up with rubber to shred and asphalt to burn.
    So many highlights:
    PB (lifetime or course) runs

    • Kevin ‘Exocet’ O’Brien
    • Dan ‘Working this one’ Hoggt
    • Bosco ‘I’m waiting to kick past at end’ Huang
    • Mark ‘I’m liking this’ Gregory
    • James ‘oops a bit too much too soon’ Constantine
    • Karl ‘clap your hands if your feeling happy’ Baddeley
    • Rebecca ‘this is happening’ Holmes
    • Cheryl ‘can’t stop being cheeky’ Chan
    • Veronica ‘locked on and don’t stop me’ Chan

    Outstanding or seasons best runs

    • Martin ‘feels good’ Cosby
    • Steph ‘will,mr and Mrs calf please leave the room’ Bullock
    • Chamkaur ‘pram pushing Priya’ Dahliwal
    • Amy ‘nice to be back’ Sullivan
    • Naomi ‘tick this one’ Tancrted
    • Jude ‘tick this one two’ Gregory
    • Lisa ‘run for two’ Biffin
    • Paul ‘been a long time’ McGuire
    • Lisa ‘hi five PB’ Dhaliwal

    Extremely well run races reflected in 11 negative splits and 2 almost
    even split.
    We are two races into the premiership and both male and female teams
    are making their marks. 5 races to go team great work so far and next
    stop 4 x 4 km cross country relays.

    Official teams results to be confirmed however preliminary results are:

    • Open Men – 4th
    • Over 35 Men – 5th
    • Open Female – 2nd
    • Over 35 Female – 1st

    Club Results:

    2016 State 10km Road Race Results

    Mothers Day Classic, Sydney – Domain – 8th May 2016

    Rio bound Victoria Mitchell kept the form of team AE 10km efforts the
    previous day as she also ran a PB in the 4km. This placed her 1st and
    then ran 8km where she also finished 1st (impressively placed 3rd
    outright in both races).
    AE fun runner representatives Melanie O’Connor and Rosemary Bridge had
    good results in the 8km.

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