ANSW State Road Relays Ourimbah Results 2018

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    Road Relays, Ourimbah – 21st July 2018

    Excellent winter conditions and a very good road course were graced with awesome AE team running today. So many impressive performances created by controlled disciplined running, so many enjoyable experiences and all so good to watch and admire.

    Training paid off big time with great lap splits that were the key to the successful results.
    Men’s open team were headed up by Goddy with a fast attacking Bolt style finish and course PB. Nero continued the attack trend and although hit that first lap fast, stayed strong on second, continuing the PB trend. Chammy and Mark both ran controlled legs as they needed to be careful of effort as more would be needed in the Over 45 team to come.

    Robyn made the trip up, made cupcakes and made the distance in sub 5min km running in the fun run.
    Open female A team Lisa B in marathon training mode moved the pace up and pushed out a great time. Cindy followed with a PB run with negative split, Aisling in her fourth club run had only a 2sec differential continuing her improvement through the season. Rona completed the team and is now really moving on in pace with her fifth run after birth of son James.

    Open female B team had a scintillating first leg from Nic who chopped a 1min wedge from her PB. Veronica followed and ran a solid well split second leg, also running a PB over the course. Rebecca’s third leg run showed great running form and resulted in a positive progressive result. Jude settled into the fourth leg with the smile of the day run, had to be the happiest looking athlete while running on the day, and a very good result considering has been achilles hampered for a few weeks.

    Over 45 men – Ken took off on first leg needing to stay in touch with top three to get the team off to best start. He ticked the box and handed over to Chammy with team in second. Chammy had his work to do as he had a 45sec deficit to make up on first place. This proved to be no obstacle as he ran a brilliant leg (second run of the day) to hand over with team in first place. Campbell settled into his run and turned on the “Dawson” effort to spookily almost mimic Ken’s splits. Mark (also on second run) put out two great laps finishing ‘Farah’ style and made sure of team win.


    Full team results below:

    2018 State Road Relays results


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