ANSW Long Course Cross Country Championships Nowra 2014

  • The annual trek to Nowra is welcomed and feared by all who make the pilgrimage.  The venue hosts a scenic and physically testing race course which never disappoints as it lays down a challenge to all that pass the start line. Although low on numbers AE’s presence was felt even amongst its own team members.

    They ran most of the race as a unit and finished with 14,15,16,18 & 21st placing.

    This was a very competitive effort from all and even when feeling challenged physically from a too fast 1st km they dug deep and worked off one another fearlessly.

    Rebecca first time on course and caught up in too fast too soon settled after first hill and benefitted from a leadership challenge from Stephanie. Consistent strong effort kept Rebecca to finish first for AE. Steph got it right from the start (also a first timer) and the final result would have been very interesting had she not had to stop and re-lace a shoe.

    Nancy and Rona with course experience still hit the 1st km marker on the fast side, inevitably it caught up and they needed to use all that experience to finish well to aid the overall team performance.

    Jane paced correctly and recorded awesome splits with a 2 second differential. This performance deservedly won the over 50 category.

    Rebecca placed 2nd in over 35 category and Nancy placed 2nd in over 45 category

    Winners are grinners

    The combined effort secured a 2nd open team placing and helped us move closer to Syd Uni.  Syd Uni (currently first in premiership) were unfortunately not able to complete a team.

    Paul McGuire took the 12km (3 lap) challenge and had one hell of a journey. Battling a strong stomach stitch after first lap Paul kept working well uphill although struggling with stitch on descents. Never to be beaten he ran with steely resolve until he finished and if all goes well will wake up on Tuesday!

    Special thanks to Paul McGuire and Ann —– for accommodation in fabulous Gerringong (a whale way station) + poached pear deluxe

    Mark & Jude Gregory for sausage stew and Porridge

    Jane Boyd gluten free slice

    Rona Macniven the chocolate queen

    ANSW Long Course CC Champs
    21st June 2014 – Nowra
    Open Women – 8 km
    Rebecca Holmes 16.26 17.29 33.55 1st time
    Stephanie Bullock 16.34 17.25 33.59 1st time
    Nancy Newsome 16.25 18.14 34.39
    Rona Macniven 16.48 18.06 34.54
    Jane Boyd 17.49 17.51 35.40
    Team Results Open Women  2nd
    Men – 12 km
    Paul McGuire 22.00 25.17 23.47 71.04


    Paul McGuire  Jane Boyd Podium     Rona Nowra


    Word by Peter Good

    Images Courtesy of Stephanie Bullock

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