2013_2014 Presidents Report

  • Our membership was up by approx 9% and at 91 is getting close the 100 mark.

    The female section has grown again being actively competitive in the winter premiership with our great rivals Sydney Uni. The collective aim was to go one better this year and top the premiership. It was a titanic battle with lead changing many times and it all came down to the final race yet again. The 2nd place finish at Farleigh tied up the premiership as AE and Uni finished with equal points. This was a tremendous result and exhibited a strong team bond with many examples of members stepping up when injury and illness prevailed. There were 13 individual members making up this premiership team.

    There was also a great result from the newly formed over 45 female team with a tremendous first place at the first attempt.

    The ANSW track relays produced a club record for medal performances with 8 out of 9 entries securing a medal (This was also noted by ANSW as an outstanding achievement).

    The men’s section grew and we were able to field teams for many of the premiership rounds.

    Field events are still a major issue and to be a complete club this requires work.

    There were some great improvement from fun runners although fun run participation was down this year as evidenced by the club point score listing.  Naturally all years will fluctuate somewhat and with an influx of new members this year it must be time to re evaluate the chosen events

    The junior section has performed with distinction and coach Mal Baker has been instrumental in helping the cross over from Eastern Suburbs little A’s into the senior Athletics East.

    Our coaching ranks have expanded with Mark Gregory Level 1, Iris Good in progress at Level 2 Advanced Event Specific and Wayne Morgan successfully completing the level 3 residential course, well done.

    The Ken Cross track squad has developed with many showing improvement.

    This gives the club greater capacity to develop and nurture all athletes that present.

    The committee has worked strongly throughout the year, the website is updated more frequently and general club news is available through various communication modes.  It is our job as committee members to make sure the messages are getting through to the very small minority that do not have any access to electronic media.

    The closing of this year is a celebration of the experiences and what has been achieved during the last 20 years. Having been there every step of the way there have been some mighty achievements (as would have been said by the legendary Cedric Sidebottom). While perusing and collating some of these events it made me proud to have been able to share those moments with many wonderful people.

    In the words of the immortal Winston Churchill “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning”


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